cellophn (cellophn) wrote,

Corey the zombie loving teacher

I went out with Corey before I left to go to the Albany opening. We had some really good dates, she says she will miss me and cant wait til I get back... we will see. Work seems to always get in the way of relationships for me. I think she is awesome, but lets see how the two weeks pan out. But just to highlight how it has gone so far. Friday- 5 hour long date with dinner and drinks and nice kisses on the first date, Sunday - took her to the ren fare, we both kissed each other as soon as we say each other. (yes there is some chemistry!!!) thursday- dinner and drinks again, tell her I have to leave for a two week assignment. Friday - she takes me with her to a work related party so she can spend more time with me before I leave. Sat - she comes to my hood and we go out on Svetlana, the other lady in my life that makes me smile uncontrollably. We go all around town up in the hills, have a nice lunch, a walk out on the pier, and then I drive her back to the city so she can work. I wish I was not away this week.
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