cellophn (cellophn) wrote,


So people I know have started noticing I am loosing weight..great I think I am getting down to where I want to be then I realize i have lost almost 30 lbs in a moths and a half due to stress and heartbreak. If i eat i feel ill, when I dont I feel sad its been a vicious cycle. I got to go back to all my nice smaller sized jeans and make a new hole in my belt. But I owe all this to bad times. We got a payroll reduction this week, my friend who was going to moved in back out so now i cannot afford rent at this place and have to find a new one. I still think of the ex daily though I know she has moved on and does not give a rats ass about me. So life in a nut shelf is confining and just want to break the shell. I know things get better I am no fool. But just give me a little light here powers that be!!!
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