cellophn (cellophn) wrote,

new things

So for those of you who sometimes like to know what is going on in my world..here it goes.
I have not been dealing with the break up of Deborah very well. Alot of old feelings from my first wife resurfaced, i have been a drinking machine and not sleeping for days one end. I have made an ass of myself become a borderline stalker and real pest at times. I saw her with her new man and lost it and yelled at her.
I am currently in TX looking at a store that I may get to own as my own and finally be a pizza shop owner.
So needless to say with everything going on not sleeping and just running around i have not been the best of mental health. BUt I feel things are getting better.
The pizza shop in the woodlandshas some great potential and could be a great move for me if everyone agrees on certain parts of the contracts...so next week we will decided if I become a Texan again or stay in the BAY...so I will try to keep people better posted...
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